New Product Report: Rhino Arc


[Rhino Arc]

Rhino Camera Gear just released for pre order their new Rhino Arc. Set to ship out early spring of 2016, the Rhino Arc is an add on to the motion control system that can easily be attached to your V1 slider or the new Evo Carbon Slider. The Arc will make getting those creative panning shots a whole lot easier especially for the one man band.


[Rhino Arc]

The Rhino Arc is not the full Motion Control system, which is a completely different product that can be found HERE. The Rhino Arc however is an additional accessory that will help improve the motion control system one step further and make it easier to set up and control your shots.

It can easily be screwed onto your slider base plate and then controlled by the Motion Control system with an additional wire. By using the dial built on the Motion Control system you will be able to set up the endpoints, length, and speed of the panning shot.

“Rhino Arc uses an internal motor and rechargeable battery to pan your camera a full 360 degrees. A beautiful OLED screen lets you know the status of Arc and if it’s paired to motion. The platform supports camera setups as heavy as 15lbs and only weighs 1lb 1oz.” – RhinoCameraGear


[Rhino Arc]

As of right now the price is set at $400 US, which includes just the Arc itself, the cable, and paperwork. But if you order now you can save $50 by pre-ordering it. For a fully decked out motion slider rig by Rhino Camera Gear, (include: the Slider, Motion Control, and the Arc) will probably set you back anywhere from $1,400 and up depending on the length of the slider you choose.

It will be interesting to see how the Arc stacks up against similar systems like the SYRP Genie Mini. Though the price of the Mini is $249 it only holds up a Panning Load of 8.8lb/Tilting Load – centered 6.6 lb., when the Rhino Arc can hold heavier rig setups at 15lbs.

To check out more about the Rhino Arc and watch a video that demonstrates it’s capabilities *click here*

To check out the new Evo Carbon Fiber Slider *click here*

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