New Product Report: Dji’s Focus


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Dji’s Focus was released today October 15, 2015, with a price point for a wireless follow focus solution at $1999.00. The Focus will be another crucial tool when operating the Dji-Ronin, Ronin M and the Inspire drone. It is designed to attach to the already included 15mm rods that come with the Ronin. The Focus will have fast wireless transmission (Up to 100 meters), adjustable endpoints, customizable focus wheel, rechargeable batteries, and a micro-usb port for programming and updating firmware.


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The remote is powered by a rechargeable and replaceable battery that has a 14 hour charge and the motor that will be attached to the 15mm rods, can be powered by one of two p-taps located on the power distribution box on the Ronin’s base.

But is the price too high?

After doing my research and carefully trying to figure out the best solution for smoother shots and having a tool that was more versatile on set, I bought into the whole 3-axis gimbal world two years ago. Unfortunately, I find one of the hardest things about using gimbals is the lack of accessories to pull or change focus when operating them. When I mean lack, I mean affordability and ease of use.

There have been multiple attempts; the Ikan Wireless Follow Focus ($1599.00) and Redrock Micro’s microRemote ($2,720) both have their own positive and negative attributes about them. Though I really do not have anything truly negative to say about either to be honest with you, because they both work great and they are a crucial accessory to have when trying to pull focus on a 3- axis gimbal.

However the price point never really sold me, especially after buying the gimbal for $2500+, not including the extra batteries, and the Wireless Thumb Controller, the price for the Focus just seems a little too high for a Dji accessory. Though I did just say pulling focus and being able to adjust focus as you shoot is crucial, I did not think I meant $1999 crucial.


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The Dji Focus will definitely complement the Ronin well and it has a very important purpose when trying to focus on a gimbal. The kit itself looks well-engineered and professional but at the price point it is right now, it has me sitting back and waiting on this one. Like I said before there are many other companies trying to figure out wireless solutions, so there is a huge demand for a wireless follow focus solution, we just need to see how the Dji’s Focus pans out in the next few months.

For more Images and Details of the Dji Focus click here


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