OUT NOW!!! On Charge – Short Film

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***On Charge Short Film Link CLICK HERE***

In a not so distance future humans have to plug themselves in once a day and recharge in order to stay alive, Jason’s wife Carla however is just a little different.

Starring: Katy Miller & Tyler Jones

Produced by: Justin Hoffman & Joe Schufreider

DP: Justin Hoffman

Written & Directed by: Joe Schufreider

On Charge has begun it’s rounds through the festival circuit.
(Filmed with the Sony A7SII with Rokinon Cine Prime lenses in SLOG 3)

Carla #1Jason #2Jason #3Carla #2Carla #5Jason #5

Signed The Web Series


Had an absolute blast working with my long time friend and colleague Joe Schufreider as the Cinematographer of the second season of Signed! Signed takes you into a world where you can only marry once and you have to sign contracts in order to be with another person. The characters find themselves in undiscovered territory and must navigate the new dating world.

Season 1: “Three close friends with completely different mindsets. Miles wants to take the next step in his relationship with Aubrey. June just got divorced and has to start all over. Sean is reaping the benefits of the new dating scene.”

Season 2: “After a drunken hookup, Miles and June’s friendship is at stake. Meanwhile, Sean finds himself in an unfamiliar situation.”

Driven To America II

X.pngThese were shot with the Ilford XP2 Super Single Use Camera Black & White
Pick one up here: https://amzn.to/2QmoZjv
I found these images come out way better by using the flash whether in daylight or  overcast. The film speed is decent, however the flash does help the camera expose even with close up subjects. The flares or light burns from the flash can easily be Photo-shopped in post if you desire.


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Casey’s 1980 MK I Scirocco


Interior: Re-trimmed new carpet, headliner, dash mat, false trunk, parcel tray
Exterior: Kamei front spoiler, Kamei rear spoiler, Kamei hood scoop, Frenched headlights, Kamei inspired Pinstripes
Wheels: Staggered 15 inch BBS Rs
Engine: Tuned up 1.6L 8v


A Volkswagen Colibri Green Metallic 1980 Mk I Scirocco sat dormant for 12 years. Casey Santiago first laid his eyes on it about 4 years ago as he drove past it on his way to visit his dad. Since then he never took his eyes off of it, every time he drove past “There was just something about that car, the design and style of the Scirocco”.  A few month ago Casey’s dream of owning that Scirocco finally came true. Unfortunately, the high of finally having that car he drove past all those countless times was short lived with the unexpected passing of his mother. No one knew eight weeks ago Casey would experience so much joy and so much tragedy in that short period of time in his life.  For the Scirocco it would have to wait a little bit longer for a second chance.



It was not until a few days later Casey’s father reminded him of that Colibri Green Metallic 1980 Mk I Scirocco still sitting dormant he purchased days earlier. Casey returned to the Scirocco and after a much needed mechanical tune up it started right up “The car helped boost my morale”.  Finally arriving home he was able to start the full rebuild of the Scirocco, the interior was the next step. During the remodeling of the Scirocco’s interior, Casey would hear something that not even he could have prepared himself for.



See, when Casey was growing up his mother had a fascination for the Bi-Centennial Quarters. “She thought they were the cool quarters” Casey remembers. He would collect them with her and if he ever found one when she wasn’t with him, he was sure to give it to her as a present. As Casey started to tear out the carpet, he heard a light clank of metal on metal. He found himself staring at a 1776 – 1976 United States Bi-Centennial Quarter. “It was a coin… a Bi-Centennial quarter”.  It was at that moment, “she was right there with me and it meant a lot”. Underneath the carpet of a car that sat 12 years dormant, a message to Casey to continue to be himself and smile. That quarter to Casey symbolized a bond with the Scirocco, and a happy memory of his mother he will never forget.


Casey has been surround by Volkswagens his whole life. At the age of 16 his first car was a vr6 Mk 4 Jetta, “It was just what you thought was a classic sedan”. Ever since then he has purchased nothing but Volkswagens… more than just a few. Since that first Jetta working on it in his gravel driveway to now with the Scirocco on a lift, Casey predicts nothing but Volkswagens for a long time to come. You can find Casey’s big smile behind the counter helping you get the right parts you need for your Volkswagen at Kelly Volkswagen in Scranton, PA. He has come to call Kelly Volkswagen his second home and everyone that works there part of his ever growing family. The Volkswagen community to Casey, has helped him build new friendships with likeminded Volkswagen enthusiast as well as helped him find an outlet to express his creativity and individualism. “Doing VW things, with my VW friends!” Casey is part of the CoolWater VW Audi Club established in 2001 to help bring more Volkswagen and Audi enthusiast together. The club attends shows, and helps each other build and fix their cars.  You can catch up with Casey and the CoolWater Club at Dubs on the Boards Spetember 8th North Wildwood, NJ. (http://www.dubsontheboards.com/)





Panasonic AU-EVA1




  • Super 35
  • 5.7K
  • Dual Native ISO – Panasonic’s method to extract more information from the sensor without degrading the image
  • Advanced Colorimetry

Lens/Image Path

  • Native EF Mount
  • Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS)
  • IR Cut In/Out (Panasonic claims that “Unique photographic effects and night vision imagery are possible with this control over infrared”
  • Integrated ND Filter Wheel (2/4/6 stops)


  • 4K60p / 2K up to 240p
  • 4:2:2 10-bit
  • The camera can record in several formats and compression rates. A complete breakdown of recording formats will be available at the time of the EVA1’s release.
  • Video Codec up to 400 Mbps
  • V-log & V-gamut
  • 4K outputs in both HDMI and SDI simultaneously
  • SD Card Recording
  • 5.7K Raw Output to third-party recorders via a future update.
  • Dual native ISO


  • XLR Audio Inputs
  • HDMI & SDI 4K Video Outputs
  • Removable handgrip (for easy mounting on drones, gimbal rigs or jib arms)
  • Timecode in/out
  • LCD sun shade included
  • Compact form factor and lightweight –  1.2kg/42.3 oz. (body only)
  • 6.69“ x 5.31“ x 5.23“ / 17cm x 13.5cm x 13.3cm (LxHxW)

The camera will cost $7,345 (body only) and will be available Fall 2017.